Cultural & Information Office Of  E.L.F


To his Excellency the President of the Republic of the Sudan

Mr. President,

This note is an appeal to your generosity and humanity !! Serious moments, such as

the incarceration of one of the heroes of the Eritrean Revolution, as a common

criminal, leads to dismay. Who does not know that Eritreans and their Revolution

have been embraced by the Sudanese people for thirty years, whatever the political

color of Sudanese governments ? One of the great links of the Sudan and Eritrea is

the Beni Amir people, respected on both sides of the border. As it is appreciated by

your Excellency, this linkage contributes to the national security of the Sudan. We

feel confident that the Eritrean people shall replace the regime soon, in which case,

we regard Sheik Hussein Khalifa as a future occupant of a position that will deepen

the historical friendship between Eritrea and brotherly Sudan.

Mr. President,

I appeal for the immediate release of Sheik Hussein, the Chairman of the Eritrean

Liberation Front, and Eritrean Democratic Alliance.

Herui Tedla Bairu,

Chairman of the Eritrean Congress Party